Winterhalter warewashers save water and space

Winterhalter’s new undercounter warewashers, the UC Excellence iPlus range, use a hybrid technology that combines reverse osmosis and a water softener. This offers a variety of benefits, including preventing blockages of the reverse osmosis membrane, extending membrane life and ensuring perfect wash results.

The UC Excellence-iPlus has a built-in pre-filter with monitoring, membrane flushing and Winterhalter’s AquaOpt system, which minimises running costs by allowing users to choose good, better or best results. The AquaOpt function optimises water quality during extended wash break periods and can be adapted to meet specific on-site requirements, ensuring consistent washing.

The iPlus machines also feature VarioAqua. This allows users to choose whether to use the reverse osmosis system or not.  Less critical items can be washed using softened water only, which reduces running costs, while more important ones can have the full reverse osmosis treatment, for sparkling results.

A reverse osmosis system coupled with a top quality warewasher is considered to be the way to get the best wash results. However, these systems can be bulky, expensive and use lots of water.

The UC Excellence iPlus can be used when space tight is because the reverse osmosis system is fully integrated into the machine. The smallest model measures just 810mm x 460mm x 617mm and can wash up to 77 racks (400mm x 400mm) per hour.

UC Excellence-iPlus saves water
Compared to standard reverse osmosis systems, the UC Excellence-iPlus uses at least 10% less water. The integral reverse osmosis can be individually tailored to meet the site’s specific conditions, such as the hardness of water, water pressure, and so on.  This saves water and optimises the use of all resources – the saving is dependent on the individual site.  It also optimises the wash results.

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